A Message Before Retreating from Taufik – Newsletter #14

Pesan Perdamaian dari Kang Taufik
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“Peace is not something foreign but close and connected to everyday life”

Fifty-two (52) months have passed since the day I first agreed to join PeaceGen.

An organization I never imagined would be a workspace. Like many young people, the issue of peace for me seems far removed from everyday life. I find that the word “peace” is often used as a slogan for global development.

However, anyone who has heard Kang Irfan’s presentation will have a different point of view. ‘Peace’ is not something foreign, but close and connected to everyday life. Kang Irfan has the ability to translate complex concepts into simple things that are easy to understand.

At that time, I started my journey with the mission of ‘making the vision work.’ I became Kang Irfan’s partner and helped with translating his ideas. Not an easy journey but it has been rewarding. Of the many to-do lists, we have ticked off many of them and noted the lessons learned.

After a great journey, I decided to retreating to spreading peace at PeaceGen and get off the boat. However, before I go, I would like to share three key adventure notes.

First, building a work culture and recruiting young people who are passionate and possess technical expertise are the keys to growth. I believe that solid products and programs, both in terms of impact and technical implementation, result from a combination of management and human resources. Compared to 2016, PeaceGen has grown impressively, both in terms of the number of teams and the amount of funds managed. 

Second, measurement helps us understand impact better. One of the questions I always found when working on the PeaceGen program is: how can I ensure change occurs? Armed with this question, we finally started exploring various research institutions, including the Faculty of Psychology at UIN Bandung, the Faculty of Psychology at UNISBA, and several individual consultants and social change institutions.

Third, building programs and making products with new approaches including technology, games, and art opens up new opportunities. Convincing organizations to take on a new approach is no easy feat. The risks and budget constraints of social institutions are indeed a challenge. However, if you don’t start trying new approaches now, the institution will stay the same until the world forces it to change. In many cases, PeaceGen pursues new ideas with donors on tight budgets. 

These three things have made PeaceGen successful in overcoming various challenges, from budget constraints to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even though I have to step aside, PeaceGen has a solid team that will continue spread peace on through the ups and downs of this challenging journey. 

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