About Peacegen

We teach peace to Educators, Parents, Community leaders and young people through creative media and activities across Indonesia and beyond.

What is Peace Generation?

Peace Generation Indonesia, or Peacegen, social enterprise that works on Peace Education. We focus on Peace Education Development Training, Peace Learning Media Development,  campaign and activate peace content. We are committed to promoting peace through creative and playful media. 

Our Story

Founded in 2007 by two men from vastly different backgrounds but with a common passion, Peace Generation Indonesia serves a key role in promoting peace through creative media. Irfan Amalee, an Indonesian Muslim, has been involved in media creation and publishing for ten years, and Eric Lincoln, an American Christian, has been a teacher and a drug prevention counselor in Chicago US for many years. Despite their different backgrounds, Irfan and Eric shared a common interest in promoting peace and bridging the gap between different communities through peaceful relationships amongst the younger generation because many violent conflicts are started through a lack of understanding. 

Problem We Address

In the national and regional context, Indonesia has several inter-religious conflicts such as the Muslim-Christian conflicts in Ambon and Poso where many people were killed resulting in trauma and devastating effects on social and economic life. In the last decade, Indonesia also has faced the issue of terrorism caused by an increase in radical Islamic movements. Apart from the religious conflict, according to data from Indonesia Children Protection Commission there are 780,000 cases of violence every year in schools all over Indonesia.


Solution We Offer

It is very rare that organizations become concerned about providing peace education materials. After considering this fact, the Peace Generation focused its work on developing creative peace education materials for use in schools and community groups. Through a partnership with one of the largest Muslim publishers in Indonesia and aid organizations, the modules were widely implemented. The peace program was first implemented in the Indonesian province of Aceh where conflict had been occurring for years when UNICEF invited Peace Generation to train their workers. Strong recommendations by national Muslim leaders and the Department of Education plus positive media coverage and several awards have thrust Peace Generation into the limelight. Currently, more than 30,000 people have learned peace education modules in four different countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Australia. 


Our Belief

Peace Generation believes that conflict prevention is as important as conflict resolution in making peace in the world since the latest data shows that 90% of current conflicts are a reoccurrence of previous conflicts and only 10% are actually new conflicts. This data indicates that most conflicts are passed from generation to generation.

Vision & MIssion

Our Vision

We envision the world where every child and youth can learn and practice peace ad empathy.


Our Mission

We will enable every child and youth to learn peace and empathy by equipping educators with peace education creative media.

12 Basic Values of Peace

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Our Team

Irfan Amalee

Co-Founder; Executive Director

Eric Lincoln


Maulana M. Syuhada

Project Coordinator

Dewi Lestari

FInance Coordinator

Qorry Aina

HR Officer

Lindawati Sumpena

Project Coordinator

Miftahul Huda

Project Coordinator

Ani Farhani

Project Assistant

Ginan Aulia Rahman

Communications Coordinator

Azhar Muhammad Akbar

Project Officer

Jawad Mughofar KH

Project Coordinator

Suka Prayanta Pandia

Project Officer

Mela Rusnika

Media Officer

Adriana Anjani

Partnership Officer

Nurhayati Syafii

Project Officer; AOP Coordinator

Annisa Fitria

Project Officer

Jeremia Bonifasius Manurung

Project Officer

Utami Nurhasanah

Editor In Chief

Astrid Allisha Pulubuhu

Graphic Designer

Pertiwi Sopiani

Graphic Designer

Mulia Anzalni

Graphic Designer

Rieke Maryunani

Graphic Designer

Semara Agustino

Semara Rasmarani Agustino

Motion & Graphic Designer

Shafira Rolibah Putri

Finance Officer

[Foto] Addeth

Annisa Addeth Thiany

Finance Officer

Ismi Danti Nopianti

Finance Officer

Samrotul Mufidah

Internal Support Coordinator

Irfan Nur Hakim

Senior Trainer

Nenden Vinna Mutiara

Training Coordinator

Fadlan Fau

Operational Officer

Tio Reza Muchtar

IT Support Officer


Training Assistant


Agent of learned 12 Basic Values of Peace Online
Students learned 12 Basic Values of Peace Online (Ruang Guru)
Teachers and community leaders trained to be Peace Educators
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Awards from national and international

Our Partners


  • International Young Creative Entrepreneur Award 2008
  • UAJY Multiculturalism Award 2008
  • Hahn & Karpf Peace Award 2011 , Brandeis University, USA
  • 500 Most Influential Muslim, RISSC Jordan 2011-2012
  • Wirausaha Muda Kreatif, Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif 2012
  • Pena Award 2014
  • Ashoka Fellowship 2017
  • Top 6 ASEAN Social Impact Award 2017
  • Most Innovative C’PVE Program, Convey UNDP-PPIM 2018
  • Indika Energy Award 2018
  • Best Islamic Story Books IKAPI 2019
  • Australia Global Alumni Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2019