Agent of Peace International Forum: Celebrating International Day of Education 2022

Illustration by: @cupoftiw_
It was the first agenda in 2022 specially dedicated to the Agent of Peace (AoP) around the world who are speaking English, AoP International Forum (AIF). This agenda will be held once a month. And the first AIF was on January 24, 2022.  

Ms. Nurhayati as the Coordnator of AoP opened by greeting all attendees in the forum with greetings that also congratulated the International Day of Education. 

She also said that the first-ever AoP International Forum has several aims and objectives:

  • To provide room for AoP across the world to amplify their voices and promote young people and youth-led organizations involved in peacebuilding initiatives.
  • To create a platform to showcase the most significant transformations that have to be nurtured to release everyone’s fundamental right to education and build a more sustainable, inclusive and peaceful future.
  • To provide a platform to explore practical issues, updates, and challenges of peace at the international level among diverse AoP worldwide.
  • An avenue to practice English, especially for AoP from Indonesia, where English is not the first language. 

Moving to the Speaker, Ms Nurkisa, she began to introduce when the Peace Generation started in the Philippines closely related to Mindanao, which was considered an area of conflict. The 12 peace values from PeaceGen are emphasized and relevant in the Philippines and use a holistic approach.

One of the participants shared that she had already joined a lot of training. Still, when joining Peace Generation training, especially with the last 2 values, admitting mistakes and forgiving. It highlights the essential part of PeaceGen training. 

Then Ms. Nurkisa shared a video highlighting the 3-6 programs from AoP Philippines. There were many offline events in several cities in the Philippines, such as Zamboanga City, Sirawai, Basilan, with children, youth and adults to learn about 12 values of peace during this pandemic situation. 

Also Ms. Nurkisa’s personal journey started in 2014 with Eternal Peace. One of her mentors is Ate Rhonda. In the 2013 conflict, Zamboanga City and PeaceGen came at a good time.

In the end of her presentation, she closed with the message of International Day of Education: Above all matters is the power of love. Love and Compassion = Eternal Peace x Peace Generation. Transformative because it seeks to cultivate transformation and create tremendous change behavior.

Sharing Session with AoPs

Jann Lipae, 3rd Year of Bachelor of Secondary Education

Before knowing Peace Gen, he considered himself a judgemental person to another person. And after he became an Agent of Peace, he understood the value of respecting other people and understanding people through communication.

Marht Harvey, Bachelor of Education

He feels that the Peace Generation offers him so much influence. After joining 12 Basics of Values training, he thought it would be a predictable training journey and material, but he was wrong; the sessions were exciting and impactful.

Benjamin Creative, AoP Philippines

Helped by Jann Lipae and Ate Nurkisa, 26 years old, there was a question on how to implement the studies etc., on how to control anger etc., learned to apply to control it. Being an agent of peace does not mean not getting in trouble but facing it calmly.

Amina H. Aban, AoP Philippines

She is a peace educator. Even though peace advocate is new to her, she is also the product of Mindanao conflicts. Related to Peace Training from Peace Generation, even though she has joined many peace training and started to Join in January 2022, Peace Gen has a significant and essential part of their community.

Note taker: Ahmad Afryan (AoP Banjarmasin)
News maker: Hayati (AoP Coordinator)

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