Agents of Peace Summit 2021: A Valuable Lesson from Climbing Mount of Peace – Newsletter #15


Agent of Peace
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“Hopefully, the Agents of Peace can guide and lead many people to climb and reach the peak of peace”

With only a few steps to go, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing would arrive on the summit of Everest.

Tenzing, as the guide who goes up first, invited Edmund Hillary to first step foot on the highest peak in the world.

Tenzing was asked by reporters why did he not get to the top first, because, if he wanted, Tenzing could be the first person in history to conquer the summit of Everest.

But Tenzing did not. That is because Tenzing’s job was to help Sir Edmund Hillary realize his dream of becoming the first person to step foot on Everest.

Their story is not just a mountaineering tale. It is a story about climbing the mountains of life. The story is about cooperation, humility, struggle, and self-conquest.

With the same spirit shared by Tenzing and Sir Edmund, for five days from July 5, 2021, to July 10, 2021, Agents of Peace gathered at the Agent of Peace (AoP) Summit 2021. These Agents, from 108 cities and 11 countries, together climbed the mountain of peace.

Accompanied by a guide, 811 climbers passed several posts. At one of these posts, they learned the moves of peace from a Suhu.

First, they learned to make peace with their inner self with a psychologist, broke down prejudice at Warung Kang Wawan, and learned to create an impactful movement with Suhu Oktora Irahadi.

Even though the climb up this mountain of peace was on a virtual platform, AoP Summit provided a different experience from ordinary zooming.

With the gamification and an immaculate arrangement of the events, the participants felt they really were climbing a mountain together.

“The series of AoP Summit is interesting. I have a piece of new knowledge. I learned that accepting myself is the first step in the process of inner peace. The material about the board game also is interesting. During the pandemic, it is not an obstacle to keep learning and playing. I can be able to play games while learning online is fun. Especially during the last game session, it was hilarious to be able to interact with other friends.” —AoP Summit 2021 participant

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Covid, with its limitations, has forced us to explore outside-the-box ideas and methods. Covid is not an obstacle for them to help thousands of people climb the mountain of peace.

During the pandemic, they continue to teach and spread peace throughout Indonesia.

Akbar Musfatir, Agent of Peace from Makassar, is one of the relentless mountain climbers of peace. He has brought thousands of young people to climb the mountain of peace, initiating peace education activities.

For his determination and consistency, on the last day of climbing at the AoP Summit 2021, Akbar was named AoP of the year.

It looks like the story of Tenzing led by Edmund Hillary. Hopefully, the Agents of Peace can guide and lead many people to climb and reach the peak of peace.

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