From Mindanao to the World: The Story of the Philippines’ Agent of Peace Turning Conflict Trauma into Fun Learning – Newsletter #21

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Ten years ago, three educators from Mindanao, Philippines joined the PeaceGen training at the Poster hotel in Bandung. They traveled thousands of kilometers to learn the 12 Basic Values ​​of Peace.

…. After that training, they immediately taught the 12 Basic Values ​​of Peace modules to young people in Zamboanga and Marawi. Two areas in Mindanao that are also part of the protracted political conflict. ISIS-controlled even Marawi before finally being bombarded by the Philippine government.

Five years later, I was invited to come to train young leaders from several organizations in Mindanao. I was so amazed to see their enthusiasm. They are full of enthusiasm to learn and spread peace in their communities during endless political conflicts.

General Santos, Zamboanga, and Marawi united to form PeaceGen Philippines and translated their version of the 12 Basic Values ​​of the Peace module. They did  fundraising, collected energy, and enthusiasm from its people. The seeds they planted ten years ago now continue to grow and bear the new shoots.

On January 24, the PeaceGen Indonesia team held a commemoration of International Education Day. There were Agents of Peace (AoP) from various regions and countries, including the Philippines. We felt moved and  touched to hear some of their testimonies about how the 12 Basic Values ​​of Peace had impacted them:

“Before getting to know PeaceGen, I thought of myself as a person who judges others. After I became AoP, I was able to understand and respect other people more.” (Jann Lipae, 3rd Year Bachelor of Secondary Education)

“I feel like PeaceGen has had so much influence in my life. When following the 12 Basic Values ​​of Peace, I thought I could guess the plot. It turned out not to be. The material was exciting and had an impact on me.” (Marht Harvey, Bachelor of Education)

“I was assisted by Jann Lipae and Ate Nurkisa when I asked them how to deal with anger. They answered one of them by becoming an Agent of Peace. But, being AoP doesn’t mean I don’t have problems, but I learned how to deal with them more calmly.” (Benjamin Creative, AoP Philippines)

“I am a Peace Educator. Being AoP is a new thing for me. I was also involved in the conflict in Mindanao. Regarding PeaceGen’s Peace Training, although I have participated in various peace training, PeaceGen has played an essential part in making a difference in our community.”(Amina H. Aban, AoP Philippines)

Apart from peace educators from the Philippines, last January, PeaceGen also trained hundreds of new peace educators. Through the Training Guru Abad 21, around 255 participants successfully  learned the 12 Basic Values of Peace. This collaboration between PeaceGen and Indika Foundation  is the second batch, following the first batch which was held last year.

“It’s unique training with a pirate theme. I think it’s the only training that uses a pirate theme because I haven’t had any unique training like this so far. Also, the TANDUR is very cool  and amazing. I just found it here. It’s inspired and helped me in teaching. A big thank you to all the PeaceGen team for these five days of training. (Fira, Teacher from Sumedang)

Training Guru Abad 21 has been completed on pirates’ theme and gamification. Meanwhile, Frosh’s training focuses on the stories of fighters from the hermitage of Padepokan Silat.

The Frosh program, a peace education program for first-year students, is now entering the training stage for trainers and mentors. During January, Frosh prepared 14 warriors from ITB and UPI who will  later accompany 85 mentors to become peace warriors in their respective campuses.

The stories of peace educators in the Philippines, 21st Century Teachers, and peace warriors from the Frosh program mark the  optimism in 2022 for PeaceGeneration. Although the journey has just begun, there will be many exciting stories of PeaceGen and AoP this year.

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