Learning Conflict Resolution in the Month of Peace – Newsletter #13

Learning Conflict Resolution in the Month of Peace - Newsletter #13
Ilustration: @jarabokku

“Peace does not mean without conflict, peace is good at managing conflict”

In the Zoom room there are so many people. There are the cute faces of kindergarten and elementary school students. There are also students from junior high school, senior high school, and university. Princess Yasmin welcomed and opened the event. Not long after, Aladdin appeared.

That was the atmosphere for the opening of the 2021 National PeaceSantren. A total of 158 participants from 17 cities in Indonesia participated in this annual PeaceGen and Peace Academy event. 

Last year the theme was “Happy Without Bully,” and this year the theme was conflict resolution and the modul “Conflict Makes Epic.”

The participants of the National PeaceSantren were lucky because they were the first to receive the Conflict Makes Epic module fresh from the oven. With support from the Asia Philanthropy Circle, the module was completed several months before Ramadan.

This module is the result of the development and deepening of the 12 Basic Values ​​of Peace. The Conflict Makes Epic module also includes the podcast series and the Peacebaker board game.

The theme of conflict resolution is very relevant to our lives. Children and adults alike are bound to face conflict. Peace does not mean without conflict, peace is good at managing conflict.

Besides PeaceSantren, the Sociopreneur Academy by HOPE project also held a Demo Day Terminal-2. On this journey, the participants began to learn how to manage a community, including finance management, project management, and the management of human resources. 

With this learning, the hope that the mission of the community can achieve goals because uncommon social initiatives eventually wither in the middle of the road due to poor management and operations. 

On Demo Day Terminal-2, each community presented social initiatives. Amelia Hapsari from Ashoka served  as a judge. She is a film activist and the first Indonesian member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, earning her a vote for Piala Oscar or the Academy Awards. Nita Andriasih from AIPJ Australia and Pastor Ferry from Eco Camp also acted as judges for the event.

The Sociopreneur Academy by HOPE still has one more journey left. At the last session, the participants will arrange a complete presentation for pitching in front of great judges. 

Besides the two programs described, there are so many other activities related to implementing the seeds of peace and conflict resolution.

Twelve months a year PeaceGen sows seeds of peace. However, our activities in the month of Ramadan are extraordinary because it is a month full of peace.

On behalf of the PeaceGen family, I wish you a Happy Eid al-Fitr 1442 H, happy to celebrate the day of victory and peace.

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