Newsletter #11 – March 2021

A group of young people prayed in a congregation. At first glance, there is nothing special. Let’s get to know them, so that we know a great story about them.

Those who become followers are young Shia, Muhammadiyah, NU, Persis, ex HTI, etc.This scene occurred at the Peace Sociopreneur Academy (PSA) event, a camp for young people from various religious groups to collaborate and create solutions.

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The event which was initiated by PeaceGen and CONVEY Indonesia is an intra-faith dialogue program. As usual, PeaceGen always presents programs in a different packaging. We do not want to be trapped solely in the format of dialogue and discussion, but embrace holistic collaboration in our pursuit of solutions. Our differences should not be a matter of debate, but a tool to help us produce great solutions.

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The highlight of the PSA event was held at the new PeaceGen headquarters in HOPE, Ecocamp. It included blended events, namely talk shows, performances and offline exhibitions that adhered to health protocols. We also broadcasted it live on our YouTube channel. The event was attended by stakeholders from both city and provincial governments.

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Another highlight of this PSA event was the opening of a hopeful year at the House of Peace and Ecology (HOPE). Earlier this year, Peacegen officially set up an office at HOPE. It is a common space for young people to converse and collaborate.

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