Newsletter #4 – June 2020

A small creature named Covid-19 has changed all major social orders, including education. But unfortunately, not all parts of the education system are highly-skilled at adapting. Many roles fail to change.

There aren’t many teachers who still carry out their role as if they taught in a normal atmosphere. Stuttering parents carry out their new roles. The teaching materials have not changed much, they only moved the medium, while the contents and packaging are the same.

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As a result, students undergo the learning process with normal loads and methods in an abnormal atmosphere. No wonder the data from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission shows that 79.9% of Indonesian children experience stress during this distant learning process.

Seeing this situation, we feel called and challenged to contribute what we can. With PeaceGen’s experience in peace education and creative learning media, we see two voids that we can fill. What are the voids that we could fill? Find out more by reading our newsletter below.

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