Newsletter #6 – September 2020

In August this year, two important events occurred: the 75th Indonesian Independence Day and the 1442 Hijri Islamic New Year celebration. Every time we discuss these two historical days, we usually focus on the moment after that day. Namely the atmosphere of independence and the atmosphere after the migration. But let’s look at it a little bit differently, especially the moments and struggles before independence and the atmosphere before the migration.

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With that spirit and belief, we continue to teach peace. We held 12 Basic Values of Peace training sessions in Palu online. Although online, we ensure the delivery of comprehensive material for participants. In addition, we are also currently developing Integration of 12 Basic Values of Peace, so that the values ​​can be applied by Civics, Religion and Counselling Teachers in several junior high schools. Read the full report of our programs by clicking the button below.

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