Newsletter #9 – January 2021

The pandemic that hit at the beginning of the year has affected many sectors. Many things were pushed back, staggered, or even suspended. But for us, the pandemic is a time of hibernation.

We developed innovations such as online training, blended learning, and several modules during this hibernation period. Although we mostly work online, by the end of 2020, PeaceGen’s programs have still managed to reach 10,383 beneficiaries throughout Indonesia, and our social media reached 6.3 million users.

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One of the most important things during the PeaceGen hibernation period is the transformation process of PeaceGen into a social enterprise. Although this process was carried out several years ago, when PeaceGen experienced Globalizer assistance from Ashoka Singapore, this pandemic has made this process more intensive. PeaceGen was selected again to participate in a mentoring program by Ashoka and Google for three months. This transformation process is PeaceGen’s effort to build independence and sustainability.

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By becoming a social enterprise, we hope that PeaceGen can have a broader and more sustainable impact. Read more on our first newsletter in 2021 as attached below.