Sekolah CERDAS 2.0 (Batch I, II & III)



CERDAS School is a program initiated by PeaceGeneration Indonesia, Central Lazismu and Central MDMC. This program targets the school community by integrating character education and disaster education with attractive and applicable methods. In 2017, the CERDAS School 1.0 was held in the Ex-Residency of Central Java while in 2018, the CERDAS School 2.0 expanded its reach in 5 regions, including Cianjur, Surabaya, Maluku, NTT and DIY.

CERDAS Schools use the FIDS (Feel-Imagine-Do-Share) method which is then adapted to CERDAS is the acronym in Bahasa; Cermati-Rasakan-Dambakan-Ambil Tindakan-Sebarkan. In its implementation, this program involves CERDAS Brothers as volunteers who facilitate the schools in creating cheerful, peaceful and disaster alert schools. Projected this year, CERDAS Schools will be held in 60 schools in Indonesia.