Sekolah CERDAS

Project Info:

Sekolah CERDAS is a sustainable project initiated by Peace Generation Indonesia along with Lazismu. The program aims to build knowledge, skills and policy for school in minimazing social and natural disaster risk. Research released by government said that 70% schools had built around 1990s and 84% students experienced violence at school.

Since 2017, Peace Generation and Lazismu targeted 20 schools to be our model and for 2018-2019 will target 100 schools all around Indonesia. Furthermore, in the next 2019 -2029 we plan to cover 10.000 schools. Our work is fully supported by our local partners including MDMC Jawa Tengah and GKJ. Let's work together to make it happen!

  • Promotor:Peace Generation Indonesia
  • Date:01 Mar 2017 - 01 Mar 2029
  • Time:626 week(s)
  • Place:Indonesia