(Studi Kasus Mengenai Strategi Kampanye Peace Generation Melalui Boardgame For Peace dalam Menyebarkan Perdamaian)

Oleh: Muhammad Salman Arif

Abstract – The Boardgame For Peace Campaign is the campaign in the form of the first games conducted by Peace Generation, so that a mature strategy is needed, so that the implementation of the campaign can run smoothly. Campaigns need to be designed in such a way that will provide positive results for both the actors and participants of the campaign. Venus (2009: 145) explains the planning stage of a campaign consisting of problem analysis, setting goals, identifying and segmenting targets, determining messages, strategies and tactics, allocating time and resources, evaluating and reviewing, and presenting campaign plans.

The purpose of this study is (1) to find out the campaign strategy carried out by Peace Generation, (2) to find out the reasons for Peace Generation to use Boardgame For Peace media to campaign, (3) to find out the supporting and inhibiting factors of the Boardgame For Peace campaign conducted by Peace Generation, (4) to find out the impact of the Boardgame For Peace campaign conducted by Peace Generation.

The method chosen by researchers to conduct research on this campaign strategy is a qualitative method with a case study approach. This type of research is more emphasized to explore the meaning stored in a social phenomenon. so that this type of research can provide in-depth results because the data obtained are open. Researchers used in-depth interview data collection techniques, documentation, and literature studies.

The results of research from the Peace Generation Campaign Strategy Through Boardgame For Peace, researchers found that (1) the campaign strategy undertaken by Peace Generation consisted of training, media development, and media activation, (2) the reason Peace Generation used Boardgame For Peace media to campaign because it saw from several considerations namely problem
analysis, campaign objectives, targets, time allocation, and also strategy, (3) obstacles found in the Boardgame For Peace campaign conducted by Peace Generation are time, rejection of issues, and quality of facilitators. Then the supporting factors of the campaign came from the assistance of the local community, the credibility of the speakers, and the choice of campaign media, (4) the impact of the Boardgame For Peace campaign conducted by Peace Generation can be seen from the increasing sense of tolerance, increased knowledge, comparing Peace Generation, participants continued the Boardgame For Peace, and the second Boardgame For Peace.

Keywords: Campaign Management, Campaign Strategy, Boardgame For Peace, Peace Generation.


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