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20 Aug 2023


Who are we?

PeaceGeneration Indonesia is a social enterprise engaged in learning media, training, and peace education campaigns. Since 2007, PeaceGen has been actively working with various donors and strategic partners to promote peace in Indonesia. We currently have several projects focusing on capacity building for socio-emotional learning using the 12 Basic Values of Peace approach.

The 12 Basic Value of Peace consists of the following:
(1) Accepting Our Self (2) No Suspicious No Prejudice (3) Ethnic Diversity (4) Religion Differences (5) Gender Differences (6) Social Status Differences (7) Group Differences (8) Celebrating Diversity (9) Understanding Conflict (10) Reject Violence (11) Admit Mistake (12) Apologize.

We are currently looking for a Content Writer. Check out the qualifications below: 

Lihat kualifikasinya di bawah ini:

  1. Male/Female.
  2. Max. 27 years old.
  3. Bachelor's Degree in Communication, International Relations, Advertising, and Digital Marketing.
  4. At least 1 or 2 years of experience as a copywriter or content writer.
  5. Understand B2B communication and social media trends.
  6. Have an insight into the landscape of peace communication and PCVE, GEDSI, humanitarian issues, and community development.
  7. Have management of work.
  8. Familiar with SEO principles and keyword optimization to increase content effectiveness.
  9. Creative writing, content creation, and proofreading skills that are relevant to local digital trends and local contexts, as well as popular topics.
  10. Having the ability to take quality photos and live videos, as well as basic skills in video editing skills for social media will be worth more points.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Content Writing and Copywriting for Website, and New Media (Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Podcast, etc.)

  • Creating interesting, quality, and relevant content for the target audience on PeaceGen's various communication channels.
  • Conduct research to identify trends and topics relevant to peace and PCVE.
  • Manage the PeaceGen website for the socialization and dissemination of creative content integrated with other digital channels actively used by PeaceGen.
  • Develop writing materials for social media, articles, blogs, factsheets, and newsletters in accordance with the PeaceGen brand.
  • Use social media management tools to plan and schedule content efficiently.
  • Conduct interviews or communicate with external parties or key sources to develop content.
  • Monitor and analyze the performance of content that has been published to assess the effectiveness of the content.
  • Participate in various communication and advocacy events and campaigns to produce live broadcast content for the PeaceGen digital channel.

Digital Collaboration and Partnership Content Development

  • In collaboration with the Communication and New Media Lead as managing editors, individual content writers will receive directions on duties and responsibilities in collaboration with cross-program teams, internal and external designers, and multimedia designers to ensure that all material meets the visibility standards prepared on various PeaceGen platforms.
  • Manage and organize photos, videos, articles, etc. as, publication assets with the PeaceGen IT team.
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