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For 17 years, PeaceGen has helped educators teach peace using creative curriculum, methods and media.

Polarization can increase cases of intolerance, extremism, and violence.

More than 80% of Indonesian people do not have meaningful relationships with communities of other religions. 

(LSI, 2022)

Eliminate Polarization with Contact Theory

Prejudice can be eliminated through contact and equality between majority and minority groups in efforts to achieve common goals. 

Gordon W. Allport, The Nature of Prejudice (1954)

Destroy Prejudice with Our Featured Program

Breaking Down The Wall

The program promotes dialogue and understanding between two communities within school and campus environments.

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Training Happy Tanpa Bully

5 practical steps that can be implemented in schools to prevent bullying.

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Training Self Love

6 modules to help educators teach students to build positive self-image, self-acceptance, and inner peace, enabling them to spread peace to the world.

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Training Konflik Bikin Epik

7 modules teach how to transform conflict into positive energy.

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32 Schools and 12 Clients have implemented Our Curriculum, Training, and Services.

What are they saying?

Agents of Peace's stories and testimonials about us

Intan Gemah Purwanti

That's wonderful to hear! As an educator, participating in self-love training is invaluable as it teaches students how to provide genuine care and affection.

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Guidance Counselor, SMKN 3 Cimahi

Sarif Hidayat

That's fantastic! In the 21st Century Teachers Training, I learned to implement interactive and innovative learning through ARKA. This training can serve as a guide for teachers in creating independent learning.

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Civic Education Teacher, SMPN 17 Bandung

Alvin Affrezi Korwa

The 12 NDP and Self-Love training have taught me many lessons about self-love and building confidence in public speaking. All students should attend this program.

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students at SMA Kebangsaan

Anggia Turanita

After participating in the TNCT from PeaceGen, I gained new ideas for teaching through playing games. I hope this program can be followed by all schools in the city of Bandung for self-development and better service to students.

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Indonesian Language Teacher, SMA 14 Bandung

Antoni Budiman

I am very interested in the 12 Basic Peace Values ​​spread by PeaceGen. These values ​​of peace can be applied in the classroom so that children can later become technocrats and peacekeepers in Indonesia and worldwide.

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Network Security System Teacher, SMK Negeri 1 Cimahi

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