Agent of Peace

Agent of Peace, they are who teach and spread the value of peace in their schools and communities. They are the spearhead of PeaceGen in sowing the seeds of peace

What is AoP?

Agent of Peace is an acronym for people who have attended training or learning the 12 of PeaceGeneration Basic Values. 

Everyone can be an Agent of Peace. If you want to become an Agent of Peace, just carry out these three missions: Learn, Teach and Spread the value of peace in your environment.

AoP Story

AoP Dissemination Map

Besides in Bandung, PeaceGen also exists in several regions in Indonesia, and many AoP are disseminated in the cities. Through this distribution map you can see wherever PeaceGen is located. On this map you can also visit PeaceGen and AoP in your city. Happy surfing on the map of peace.

AoP Fund 2020

fter the success of Anti Bully program in PeaceSantren this year, hereby Peace Generation through AoP Fund 2020 committed to support the follow-up of Anti Bully program carried out by all Agents of Peace throughout the country. AoP Fund 2020 specifically supports the learning media and is given to:

  • Chapter, Club and Affiliate PeaceGeneration
  • AoP (individual) who has been actively teaching Anti Bully for more than 1 year

Please download the AoP Fund form here

Only shortlisted will be selected. If you have any questions, please contact AoP Coordinator
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AoP Journey

Do you want to be a part of Agent of Peace? Here are the easy way …

  1. For those who have never participated in the training, please participate in online training, then follow the next flow.
  2. For those who have already participated in the training, please upload a training certificate that you have been attended, then you will be able to get a verification email.

So which AoP are you? 

AoP Ambassador is an Agent of Peace, aged 18-21 years who has studied participated in the 12 Peace Basic Values and is committed to internalize the values ​​of peace in daily life


AoP Educator is an Agent of Peace, a 21 year old student  and above who is called to teach the 12 Peace Basic Values to schools or communities


AoP Leader is an Agent of Peace, aged 21 years and above  who is called to lead a community/institution to disseminate the values ​​of peace


Peace People (Member)


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