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Program Summary

K-Hub is an information media for preventing violent extremism. Through K-Hub, stakeholders can share best practices in easily understandable modules, infographics, books, videos, reports, and research.

Program Objectives

K-Hub aims to connect and strengthen collaboration between civil society and government communities to prevent and counter violent extremism (PCVE) in Indonesia.

Program Background

Information related to cases of violent extremism and terrorism is often highlighted in public media. However, this differs from information regarding prevention efforts by the community and government. As a result, the public needs to gain early detection knowledge of extremist behavior and radicalism. Preventing violent extremism requires public involvement because they often lack complete information and do not know where to find valid information about cases of violent extremism.

Based on this situation, K-Hub emerged as a reliable media provider of information related to cases of violent extremism.

Program Details

K-Hub, or Knowledge HUB, maps PCVE initiatives in Indonesia and assists PCVE organizations in data-driven decision-making through an integrated digital service. K-Hub is committed to becoming a platform for stories and data on peace-building efforts in Indonesia through knowledge products available at khub.id.

Program Implementation

In this program, partner organizations sign up for K-Hub and utilize various features, including completing organization profiles and posting resources such as modules, videos, articles, and research reports related to violent extremism issues. Organizations and K-Hub collaborate to process resources into microblogs and mini-lessons for easier understanding by the audience.

Program Timeline

K-Hub was implemented from June 1, 2022, to January 31, 2025.

Program Results

Currently, the public can find more valid information about violent extremism on K-Hub and can actively participate in preventing violent extremism in Indonesia. Moreover, organizations focusing on violent extremism issues are more connected than before.


The K-Hub program has two categories of beneficiaries: direct and indirect. Direct beneficiaries refer to entities that promote peace, prevent violent extremism, and counter it, i.e., organizations partnering with K-Hub. Indirect beneficiaries refer to individuals or organizations that can use products or activities on the K-Hub platform, such as students, teachers, researchers, and communities.


K-Hub is a platform for collaboration with organizations focusing on PCVE issues to provide valid information. For more information about K-Hub, PeacePeople can access the platform here and follow its Instagram account for updates here

Start Date

1 Jun 2022

End Date

31 Jan 2025

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