TNCT as the Initial Step to Address the 3 Major Sins of Education

Bandung, February 15-17, 2024 - PeaceGeneration Indonesia, together with Peace Academy, JISRA, and the West Java Department of Education, once again organized the Training of Nationally Certified Trainers (TNCT) for Educators to enhance the skills of 21st-century teachers who will serve as peace facilitators in addressing the 3 major sins of education.

For three days, the Yello Hotel Paskal in Bandung served as the venue for the TNCT event attended by 24 teachers representing partner schools in the Bandung area. TNCT provided a platform for enhancing teachers' competencies as facilitators and engaging students actively by fostering empathy and critical thinking.

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At the event's outset, all TNCT participants engaged in a briefing on the "12 Basic Peace Values" by PeaceGen. PeaceGen aimed to deepen the participants' understanding of peace values, hoping to implement these values in schools to create a conflict-free and peaceful environment.

In addition to the briefing on the 12 Basic Peace Values, participants were also introduced to the 21st-century Teacher Master Program (Guru Masagi Abad-21), emphasizing the importance of teachers' abilities to facilitate student learning through experiences, questions, discussions, and open interactions and included skills in using technology, planning learning activities, questioning skills, a spirit of renewal, and managing group dynamics.

The main objective of TNCT is to enhance teachers' skills as student facilitators from February to October 2024 (approximately one year) through briefings on the 12 Basic Education Values and the FIDS (feel, imagine, do, share) method. Following the briefings, selected teachers and students receive intensive mentoring for the next year to develop monitoring, evaluation, timeline, and budgeting steps for more impactful projects addressing the three major sins of education.

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PeaceGen received positive feedback from participants through this training, including Antoni Budiman, a Network Security Teacher at SMK Negeri 1 Cimahi. Antoni stated that the event provided insights into the importance of implementing peace values in the classroom, enabling students to participate in spreading peace in their environment.

"I am very interested in the 12 Basic Peace Values disseminated by PeaceGen. These peace values can be applied in the classroom so that students can become technocrats and peace ambassadors in Indonesia and worldwide," said Antoni.

In addition to the 12 Basic Peace Values, the game-based learning method introduced by PeaceGen in training has inspired teachers to conduct teaching activities in the classroom. As Anggia Turanita, an Indonesian language teacher at SMA Negeri 14 Bandung, has expressed, this method can be implemented to increase students' interest in learning.

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"After participating in TNCT by PeaceGen, I gained new ideas for teaching through games. I hope this program can be adopted by all schools in the city of Bandung for personal development and better service to students," said Anggia Turanita.

PeaceGeneration Indonesia, along with Peace Academy, JISRA, and the West Java Department of Education, is committed to continuously improving the quality of education in Indonesia by organizing activities to collectively enhance the quality of educators and students to address the 3 major sins of education.